Barneo 2018 season is coming

Dear friends, It is exactly right time to start your bookings for the Barneo 2018 season.

Our Company was involved with this project actively since 1997, being always in charge for providing logistic support for all skiing and dog sledding programs executed via Barneo camp. We have long positive experience in this field and were able to fulfill all our duties in the way brings satisfaction to all of our customers. It is important to inform you that our Company has achieved the status of general exclusive agent for all skiing and dog sledding programs in the season 2018.

We have created the schedule of different kind of skiing programs for entire season and are glad to offer it to you along with the costs. We sincere hope that conditions and schedules for skiing programs we have created for coming season will find a positive response from all of you, who is looking for real polar adventure and dreams of being among a very limited number of people who has reached this magic point – the Top of our Earth — the North Pole.

Looking forward to seeing you on the ice!

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