Barneo News #4

Coordinates: 89º11’N, 033º10’E
Weather: clear of cloud, wind SE 3 m/s, pressure 763 mm of mercury, temperature -32ºС.

There are 11 expedition groups on their way now, said Виктор Серов (Victor Serov), our expedition leader. Marathon was completed yesterday’s night. Again the winner was a runner from Poland, he established a polar marathons record, which is now 4 hours 6 minutes (unfortunately, we could not spell out his name correctly using a satellite phone).
Runners from Nepal came second and third. The weather was auspicous for the runners. Night was sunny, and most of the distance was covered with a packed snow. Today the runners took a flight to the North Pole, and now they are on their way to Longyearbien.

Our chief operations officer Irina Orlova is coming to Barneo now. She promised to bring many pictures of all those people who work to the max today, making your stay safe and comfortable.

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