Barneo News #6

Coordinates: 89º06’N, 023º56’E
Weather: fair to middling (as the expedition leader Виктор Серов (Victor Serov) said). Wind: NE 6 m/s. Light snow. Sight distance: 3-5 km, poor contrast ratio. Temperature: -16ºС. Pressure: 771 mm

Ирина Орлова from the ice floe:

«Victor Serov told there are 3 groups on the way: two «two-degree» groups, while the last one has a special program: only two sleep-outs on the route.

I’m starting to publish photographs of the team working at the Barneo Camp. Tourists and skiers upload their pictures after getting back to Longyearbyen, yet the Team couldn’t do that because of poor Internet connection on the ice floe (they can send texts only). I start with posting AeroGeo team pictures, for they left their homes first, and their loved ones need to see how they look like »

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