Dates and Rates for season 2021

Expedition name Period of the expedition Departure from Longyearbyen Departure from Barneo Cost, (Euro) Status
The expedition to the North Pole — The Last Degree


3 — 18 April

4 — 19 April

13 — 28 April

6 April

7 April

16 April

16 April

17 April

26 April

45 500 Open



The expedition to the North Pole — Double Degree


3 — 28 April 6 April 26 April 51 500 Open
The expedition to the North Pole — A Half degree


Upon request Upon request Upon request 45 500 Open
Helicopter expedition to the North Pole — The Night on the Top of the World


15 — 19 April

16 — 20 April

16 April

17 April

17 April

18 April

23 000 Closed


All flights are weather dependent!

Attention! You should arrive in Longyearbyen 3 days prior to the expedition (2 days for helicopter trips) in the case of earlier departure to the north, and leave at least 2 days after, in the case of possible delays with a return to Longyear. The flexible ticket is even better.

For ski expeditions, we offer optional polar clothes kit if sizes were provided before 01.02.2021. Price is upon request. 

Please see expeditions’ descriptions for details.

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