The Night on the Top of the World

Code: NI
15-19 April 2023
16-20 April 2023
20-24 April 2023
Price: 24 000 euro

Duration (Barneo-Barneo): 2 days/1 night
(Longyearbyen — Longyearbyen): 5 days/4 nights


All flights are weather dependent!

1st day Meeting at Longyearbyen airport. (Spitsbergen, Norway), transfer to the hotel, that you booked.

A collection of your polar clothing kit.

An information meeting, where our staff will brief you on the current situation at the Barneo Ice Camp, inform about polar flight departure time and answer any questions you might have.

Free time.

2nd day Transfer to the airport for the flight to Barneo Ice Camp.

Flight from Longyearbyen to Barneo (approx. flight duration: 2 hrs 30 min).

Arrival to Barneo, acquaintance with Barneo Ice Camp, located at 89 degrees North.

Accommodation will be provided in the heated tents of the Ice Camp (each tent is equipped with canvas beds and sleeping bags and comfortably accommodates 10-12 persons).

Full catering during your stay at Barneo Ice Camp.

The MI-8 helicopter brings you to the geographic North Pole at first chance, depending on weather and ice conditions (approx. flight duration: 40 min).

Celebrating the arrival to the North Pole. We spend about 1-2 hours at the Pole before returning to the base camp by MI-8 helicopter (approx. flight duration — 40 min).

Free time.

Sleeping in the heated tent at Barneo Ice Camp.

3rd day Walks in the Barneo surrounding.

Flight from Barneo to Longyearbyen on the AN-74 aircraft (approx. flight duration 2 h 30 min).

Transfer to the hotel.

4th day Spare day (in case of delays). Free time. You have a chance to take part in Svalbard entertainment programs (for additional costs, advance booking required).
5th day Free time. You have a chance to take part in Svalbard entertainment programs (for additional costs, advance booking required). Transfer to the airport for your flight home.

End of our service.


* Barneo Ice Camp operates Longyearbyen time.

Changes and amendments may apply to the program, depending on the weather, ice, or other conditions. It is important to consider possible delays or alterations and take them with patience. We strongly recommend you to acquire insurance against full or partial cancellation of the expedition.

Important: Each expedition to the North Pole is the ultimate adventure full of random factors. Though we are making all possible efforts to accomplish every expedition, VICAAR reserves the right to change or cancel an itinerary due to weather and/or ice conditions, group fitness, political situation, strikes, wars, revolutions, terrorism and/or other factors beyond its control. Such changes are to be made in our customers’ interests and with regard to their safety. Please, see Terms and Conditions.



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