By roads of Dolgans (ethno tour)



By roads of Dolgans

This tour will give you a unique insight into the Russian Siberia Region. You will visit Krasnoyarsk, Khatanga and Khatanga tundra accompanied by one of VICAAR’s qualified English-speaking guides.

Traveling through these fascinating landscapes that are seldom visited by foreigners will be both a privilege and an adventure. After a few hour’s drive into this arctic desert, you will be met by a traditional family of Dolgan reindeer herders and explore a lost way of life.
You will spend three full days living and dining with your friendly host family, eating traditional Dolgan food and observing both their culture and traditions. After being taken through a beginner’s course for reindeer mushers, you will be asked to participate in some of their daily activities such as driving a reindeer sled.
Ice-fishing for Arctic char and tasting “ukha” (fresh fish soup) are other highlights of staying with Dolgans.
The magical Arctic light and evocative scenery will provide you with many photographic opportunities.

Dates 2019
Upon request


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