Company «VICAAR» was founded in 1991. The name of the Company «VICAAR» means VICTORY IN ARCTIC & ANTARCTIC RESEARCH, and in our activity, we always keep this in mind and follow this principle. Our motto is «From Pole to Pole.»

«VICAAR» specializes in services for adventurous people who are intrigued by the mysteries of the Polar regions and want more than just a quick visit. We arrange logistical support services for expeditions, scientific missions, film crews and engineering projects in the Polar regions. We provide all kinds of transportation support, cache positioning, personnel logistics and resupply. Since 1991 we organized several large expeditions: Four filming expeditions to Franz Josef Land (Arctis Nordost Project) for the Austrian Company ORF; Transsibering — Longines ethnographic Expedition which crossed the Arctic Siberia with snow-cats (caterpillars) from Ob’ river to Chukhotka; Italian archeological expedition to Franz Josef Land; several Texas A&M University and Conoco, (USA)scientific research ecological expeditions in the Arctic seas, International Arctic Project, Complex archeological expedition to New Siberian Islands together with US Company «Rock Foundation» and many others.

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