North Pole

We organize expeditions and tours to the North Pole.

A place where coordinates do not exist and in all directions is only the south; where white color reigns supreme, and under your feet, wherever you stand, is only drifting ice and several kilometers of crystal clear and cold ocean under it. The North Pole is one of the most hard-to-reach places on our planet. Such exclusivity simply couldn’t escape the attention of extreme travel enthusiasts — the North Pole today is the undisputed favorite of seasoned travelers.

And there is every reason for this: you can plow the planet up and down as much as you like, but if you have not stood at least one of its two Poles, then you have not seen everything. The North Pole is not a place just to check the box. It is here that you understand the greatness of our planet so unfairly clogged by civilization, the power of unconquered nature, and the ringing sound of absolute silence. Being at the North or South Pole, where the usual notion of time is absent, you can spend a few moments at the same time with the people of Moscow, Tokyo, and New York and truly be a Citizen of the World!

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