Dive expedition (example)

Code: NPD

Duration 8-10 days
Cost: upon request


For experienced divers, who are familiar with diving under ice surface, we organize expeditions to the North Pole. Participation in such expedition assumes that all members concentrate their efforts for interesting and safe dive at the point closest to the Pole.

day 1

Flight Moscow — Oslo. Accommodation in the hotel.

day 2

Flight Oslo-Longyearbyen. Change for AN-74 polar aviation airplane, departure from Longyearbyen to Barneo Ice Base, located at about 100 km from the geographic North Pole.

days 3-6

Change for MI-8 helicopter, departure to the North Pole, pitching the camp at the Pole, preparations for dive, diving at the Pole. Repeated dives are possible if conditions are favorable.

day 7

Striking the camp and return to Barneo Ice Base by helicopter. Departure to Longyearbyen by AN-74.

day 8

Return to Longyearbyen in the evening, change for the flight to Oslo.

day 9

Flight Longyearbyen — Oslo, change for the flight to Moscow.


Program may change, depending on the weather, ice, technical, and other conditions. The expedition will be taking place only if the team would have a sufficient number of participants. Dates of the expeditions are discussed during the booking.

It is possible to alter the program for those, willing to do extra diving besides the Barneo Ice Base, between the return from the Pole and departure to Longyearbyen. In this case program duration increases for a few days.

1. Before making an order, please, read and accept Terms and Conditions.

Requirements to divers:
1.1 Should have ICE DIVER PADI or similar international certificate, confirming at least ICE DIVER PADI skills level, i.e. should have minimum 100 dives, minimum 40 in a dry suit, minimum 20 under ice.

1.2 Should be ready to demonstrate basic diving skills of ICE DIVER PADI course (ability to empty the mask, switch main and reserve regulators, connect to partner’s reserve regulator, plan the dive, make an emergency surfacing using partner’s reserve regulator, use safety rope, control buoyancy, exchange signals with partner and safety, turn upside down and back under the ice).

1.3 Should take a training course on the White Sea in the «Polyarny Krug» dive-centre with at least 10 under-ice dives within last two months before departure to the Pole. The latter dives should be made with the same equipment, which is planned for using at the Pole, except a number of weights. Due to the difference in salinity, dive at the Poles requires approximately 2 kg more in weights than at the White Sea.

1.4 Should be ready to hard physical exercises and rigorous expedition discipline.

1.5 Should undertake an interview with expedition leader.


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