A full-scale ski expedition from Cape Arctichesky

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Dear friends,

It might be that you had already tested your spirit and endurance in one of our ski expeditions to the North Pole before, such as ‘last degree,’ or ‘two degrees,’ or did it to the South Pole before. And, it is, therefore, possible, that you thought of going to meet a real challenge, something behind the limits of a regular expedition.

If so, we might help you in achieving this goal. It is hard to imagine something more challenging, than a full-scale expedition from the coast to the North Pole. Nearly one thousand km on the drifting ice, either solo or in a group, would be a unique chance to discover your secret mental and physical reserves.

Since 2015, dedicated Canadian air carrier Kenn Borek Air discontinued servicing ski expeditions from Canada to the North Pole. This makes a route, starting at the Russian Siberian coast, the only chance to realize such a project. Fortunately, this region is familiar to us due to many operations here before. Therefore, we are glad to offer full logistical and administrative support with the highest level of experience.

This expedition would start from the Cape Arctichesky at the end of February, and last about two months. The cost of our services begins from, approximately, 140,000 Euro for the unsupported solo voyage, and rises with a number of participants, though the cost per person will decrease in this case. Please, ask for details.

Cost includes
• visa support;
• assistance in border and customs procedures;
• necessary permits from the federal and local authorities;
• chater flight  St.Petersburg – Sredniy Island.;
• flights of one helicopter  from Sredny Isl to starting point;
• one helicopter stand –by for three days at Sredny Isl. for the back-up;
• helicopter pick up the North Pole – Barneo Base;
• flight Barneo – Longyear, including 60 Kg of cargo. Extra weight is paid as 25 Euro/Kg;
• transfers, accommodation, and meals in St.Petersburg (2 days), Khatanga, Sredny Isl., Ice Camp Barneo;
• safety equipment rental;
• stove fuel, 0,5 L per day;
• VICAAR’s guides assistance on the way to starting point, meeting at the North Pole and back to Longyear;
• 2 transfers airport-hotel-airport in Longyear;
• polar diploma.

Cost does not include
• tickets to St.Petersburg and from Longyear;
• accommodation and catering in Longyear after the expedition to the NP;
• full medical evacuation insurance with minimum coverage of 200,000 Euro (required);
• communication equipment;
• expedition gear, equipment, garment, and footwear;
• additional flights due to being behind of expedition schedule;
• all unforeseen costs due to flights delays;
• souvenirs and postal services;
• alcohol drinks
• costs of extra weight on the flight  Barneo-Longyear.

You always should remember that expedition to the North Pole is an extreme adventure, involving some random factors. Though putting every effort for expedition success, VICAAR reserve the right to cancel or change dates or schedules of the expedition due to bad weather or ice conditions, physical state, political situation, wars, strikes, revolutions, acts of terror, and/or other factors out of VICAAR’s control. Such decisions would be made purely in the interests of all expedition participants and their safety. Before making a booking, please, read our Terms and Conditions. According to Part 4.3, the cost of the expeditions are based on tariffs and rates actual at the moment of publication and therefore is subject to possible change. Please, check the prices at the moment of booking


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