South Pole

The mythical and inaccessible place on which a human set foot just a hundred years ago.

The South Pole is an attraction for enthusiastic travelers and the most expensive tourist destination on Earth. In a year, no more than a hundred travelers can stand on its ice cap — those who are not afraid of the difficult climatic conditions and a height of 2800 meters above sea level, as well as more than the cost of the tour — from 45 thousand USD.

Travels here are carried out only a couple of months a year — at the height of the Antarctic summer, which falls on December — January. To make a self-portrait reflection in a mirror ball denoting the South Pole, to make sure that the compass still continues to point south, and to walk from the lower «navel» of the Earth to the American station «Amundsen-Scott» is just an incomplete list of entertainment available to tourists on the South Pole.

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