The Last Degree ski expedition

You should bring your own: Free rented from VICAAR: Other useful things you might bring:
Equipment Clothes
Plastic mug with press-on cap: 1 Windstopper pile hat: 1 Expedition tent: 1 for two persons Chemical hand- and foot-warmer bags
Strong plastic spoon:1 Balaclava: 1 Ski with binding and skins: 1 pair Neoprene face mask
A plastic bowl of 2-3 cups capacity: 1 Hat for sleeping: 1 Ski poles: 1 pair Compression stuff bags
1 L stainless steel thermos: 2 Storm shell jacket and pants: 1 set Cargo sled: 1 Photo and video equipment
Knife: 1 Warm coat and trousers with Thinsulate insulation: 1 set Expedition class (-30 C°) sleeping bag
Carabiners: 2 standard Thin synthetic underwear: 2 sets Sleeping mats 40 mm
Sunglasses or goggles 100% UV & IR: 1 Expedition thermal underwear made of Polartec Power Stretch: 1 set Cooking stove with fuel, cooking utensils
Sun cream: SPF 40 large tube Polartec 200 jacket and trousers: 1 set Litter bags
Hygienic lipstick: SPF 40, at least 2 pieces Expedition mittens: 1 pair
Personal medical kit: medicine, you normally take, along with aspirin, plaster, bandage, etc. Fleece mittens: 1 pair
Personal hygienic kit, including toilet paper, toothbrush, etc. WindPro gloves: 1 pair
Wide-mouthed plastic bottle for using as a urinal in the night: 1 Thick expedition socks: 2 pairs
Individual sleeping bag liner: 1 Expedition footwear: 1 pair
Large bag or rucksack for your gear: 1 or 2 Gore-Tex socks or booties for using in the tent: 1 pair
Casual look garment for civilized places

Clothes kit may be purchased for an additional cost if booked before 15.12.2023

ATTENTION: Though we may provide you with a basic polar expedition clothes kit, everyone endures cold differently. Therefore, if you have some items in your wardrobe, which are tested in a cold environment and suit you, you are welcome to bring them.

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