North Pole

Physical exercises:

You are going to walk on skis or foot (depending on the ice conditions) for 8-10 hours daily for 8-10 days. Besides, you have to pull a 40-50 kg expedition sled with equipment, fuel, and food. The ice surface is mostly rugged, making smooth and comfortable sliding pretty unlikely.


The air temperature in the Pole vicinity during the expedition period usually lies between -20 C° and -35 C° and it is good if you have endured it in the past. Apart from that wind may dramatically increase the cooling effect. Daily temperature deviations in the Arctic are not significant in April. Sun neither sets nor rises high over the horizon.


Consult your doctor before making up a decision about an expedition to the North Pole.
Previous experience of the tours, ascents, expeditions and winter camping could prove very useful.
Doing various winter sports would be very helpful.

Ask yourself: What do I need it for?
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