Yakutia - The mammoth territory

Day 1.
Arrival in Moscow by international flight.
Meeting at Vnukovo or Domodedovo airport. Overnight flight to Yakutsk:
18:00 from Vnukovo by Yakutia Airlines (6:20 hrs).

18:25 from Domodedovo by S7 Airlines (6:55 hrs).

Day 2.
Arrival in Yakutsk at 6:20 or 7:00 (GMT+9).
Transfer to hotel (Azimuth Polar Star or Tygyn Darhan). Breakfast in the hotel.
10:00 Meeting in the lobby. City tour (city market, Oldtown, district on the reclaimed lands, river port), exhibition “Treasury of Yakutia” where the best and unique diamonds and jewelry are offered, underground gallery of ice sculptures “The realm of permafrost”, Manor of Atlasovs with the traditional blessing ceremony “Algys”, Chochur-Muran ethnographic complex, lunch in the restaurant of local and Russian cuisine, observation platform with a beautiful view on surroundings.
18:00 Return to the hotel.

Dinner at your own.

Day 3.
Breakfast in the hotel.
8:00 Meeting in the lobby.
Visit of Lena Pillars National Park (125 mi or 200 km away from Yakutsk). Two options to get there:
1. Car/Minivan drive 100 mi (165 km) to the village of Tit-Ary with further sail 18 mi (30 km) by motorboat;
2. 15-seater Speed boat from Yakutsk (4 hrs. sail along Lena river) – available at extra cost.
Ascent of the rocks with the beautiful scenery of the Lena river valley. Picnic in the park made by cooker and guide.
21:00 Return to the hotel. Dinner at your own.

Day 4.
Breakfast in the hotel.
8:00 Meeting in the lobby.
Visit of Buluus glacier and spectacular Kuluruur waterfalls situated on the other side of Lena river, so we take a ferry to cross the river and drive further 68 mi (110 km) by car/minivan to get there. Picnic at the glacier made by cooker and guide. 21 mi (35 km) drive to waterfalls.
19:00-21:00 Return to the hotel (ferry traffic dependent). Dinner at your own.

Day 5.
Take-away breakfast will be provided in the hotel.
3:00 Transfer to the airport.
5:10 Flight to Chersky (3:40 hrs.).
10:50 Arrival in Chersky (Yakutsk+2, GMT+11).
Transfer to Orbita station (The North-East scientific station, 68°44’N 161°23’E). Accommodation. Meeting with Mr. Nikita Zimov, Director. Tour around the station and Chersky village.

Day 6.
Visit of Pleistocene Park

1 hr. sail by motorboat down Kolyma river. Tour by Director of the Station, visit of the glacial cave with 650 ft (200 m) long tunnels at 90 ft (27 m) below ground. Permafrost and ways of its retaining with a help of animals.

Day 7.
Visit of Duvanny Yar. 3 hrs. sail by motorboat along Kolyma river.
The beach surrounded by a melting ice slope and ice rocks is full of bones of mammoth, bison, and others, which you are welcome to collect. Tour by Director of the Station about permafrost, climate change, the ecosystem in the past.

Day 8.
Option 1. Tour to tundra ashore The East Siberian Sea. 3 hrs. sail by motorboat up Kolyma river. Visit of the metro station and remains of GULAG camp.
This option is weather-dependent and not possible at rough seas.
Option 2. Tour to reindeer herders. Herd of the domestic reindeer. Everyday life of the herders. Traditional throat singing and tambourine. Riding a sled pulled by a team of reindeer is possible.

Day 9.
Transfer to airport.
11:50 Flight to Yakutsk (3:50 hrs.).
13:40 Arrival in Yakutsk.
Transfer to the hotel. Free time, sightseeing, shopping.

Day 10.
5:30 Early transfer to the airport.
Return flight to Moscow:
7:40 to Vnukovo airport (6:55 hrs.) – 8:35 arrival in Moscow.

8:15 to Domodedovo airport (7:10 hrs.) – 9:25 arrival in Moscow.

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