The Night on the Top of the World

List of equipment for the expedition to the North Pole

You should bring your own:
• Winter coat and trousers with Thinsulate insulation: 1 set
• Thin underwear made of Polycolon (so-called thermal underwear): 1 set • Fleece jacket and trousers made of Polartec 300 or Polartec 200
• Thick expedition socks: 2 pairs
• Sunglasses 100% UV & IR: 1
• Sun protection cream: SPF 40
• Hygienic lipstick: SPF 40
• Personal medical kit
• Expedition footwear: 1 pair
• Expedition mittens: 1 pair
• Woolen hat with Windstopper membrane: 1

P.S. Polartec 300 or 200 jacket and trousers could be replaced with your usual winter pullovers and long knit pants if worn over the thermal underwear.

ATTENTION: We advise you optional basic polar expedition clothes kit, but everyone endures cold differently. Therefore, if you have some items in your wardrobe, which are tested in cold environment and suit you, you are welcome to bring them.

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